Emosens, Scent Identity Designer

Create  a new environental ambiance,

Diffuse your brand,

Share your fragrance signature.

Scent Marketing Creation Emotions

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    Talk about you with fragrances

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    Share your new atmosphere

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    Open up to a new world


Expand your Universe

Emosens produces  tailor-made creations to extend your brand universe.

About Emosens

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    10 years of creation

    Spreading magic in every day life, that’s EMOSENS’ mission.

    Scent marketing transforms your environment into a sensitive world and a cosy and re-assuring elsewhere.

    Your brand story will become a real sensitive exploration.

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    10 years of experience

    Tradition and french perfume expertise are the qualities with diffuse in your branding life. Pioneer in France in the field of scent marketing, Emosens is not a fad, but a revolution.

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    10 years of service

    Passionate with perfumery, expert in marketing, Emosens leads you to a sensitive world. Design of scent signature, service, technical advisory, Emosens offers you a full range of solutions, tailor-made and know for its quality.

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