(n.) [aɪˈdɛntəti]

Made in France

High quality scents, professional diffusers, with a french manufacture guarantee. All Emosens’ products are french, in the respect of en expertise no onger to be demonstrated. What could be  better than  France, and the world capital of perfumery Grasse to create the perfect scent identity ? This traditionnal french art combine to marketing  expertise, opens the doors of a new sensitive universe to develop your brand.



The transmission of a passion

Scent design for locations is about transmission :  between you and Emosens first, to imagine your scent signature, between you and your clients then, to live the  sensory experience of your new universe. The success of this transmission is passion : gathering around a shared sensibility, the passion of perfumery. These elements are the base of the new dimension of your brand identity.

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