n /fĭk′-shən/

Unseen, getting prepared

The brand is a story, a story of characters, adventures and places. The distillation is necessary to extract the sorytelling that will give the final touch to this complex blend. From the tale, magical, to the very realistic novel, Emosens narrates your brand as an olfactory fiction. Your story, so far written and told, becomes a subtle perfume.

Turn your spaces into a new world, wrap your clients and employees  up in your new identity.


n /ˌɪntjuˈɪʃən/

A captivating ambiance for an unforgettable meeting

Each meeting is unique and based on intuition and seduction. The instantaneity of intuition is followed by eye contact, glances, and a witty spirit. But the atmosphere of the location itself leaves its mark : weird or romantic… The perfume of this atmosphere will be unforgettable, and will last forever. The olfactory sense takes you for a time travel journey. It is the vector of the strongest memories.


n /ɪˌmædʒɪˈneɪʃən/

Powers of seduction

The meeting is over, the paths so far parallels have crossed each other.  The memory of the meeting is now resonance, but the last impression is still vivid, enlighted by your good manners. According to the French standards and a touch of creativity, this new aura, as your scent signature, precedes you and spreads through memories. This is a new dimension.


n /ˈsaɪəns/

A scientific Fact

Each discipline would be improved by a critical point of view, that’s why Emosens works with research departments. With  the devolpment of sensory marketing, these researches help to define the role of perfume in brand strategy and to chose the best solutions. Scent marketing creates a universe that reinforce brand identity and differenciate your business from your competitors. Scent marketing stimulates emotionally and heighten your messages and values. These studies and experiences are the guarantee of Emosens‘ quality. Emosens is the perfect mix of perfumery art, science and marketing innovation.


adj /ɒlˈfæktəri/

A powerful sense

Perfume  draws  attention  on you. The olfactory wake guides your steps and leads  you into your exploration of the place. It will highlights the location itself and what is displayed in it.  This experience heighten brand perception and its recognition. Smell sense is the most powerful  and emotionnal of all the senses and creates a special dimension, full of the promises of new discovery. It is the main vector of memories and it will create a long lasting connection with your brand.


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